MIT TechCASH: A Smart Way to Pay on Campus

If you are a student, employee, or affiliate of MIT, you may have heard of TechCASH, a service that allows you to use your MIT ID card as a form of payment at various locations on and off campus. But do you know what TechCASH is, how it works, and what benefits it offers? In this blog post, we will answer these questions and more, so you can make the most of this convenient and secure service.

What is TechCASH?

TechCASH is a debit account that is linked to your MIT ID card. You can add funds to your TechCASH account using credit card, student billing, or payroll deduction, depending on your affiliation with MIT. You can then use your TechCASH account to make purchases and access services at participating locations on and off campus.

Some of the places where you can use TechCASH include:

  • Dining halls, cafes, vending machines, and food trucks on campus
  • CopyTech centers, libraries, laundry rooms, and parking lots on campus
  • MIT Museum, MIT Press Bookstore, and MIT Coop
  • Local merchants such as CVS, Domino’s Pizza, Shaw’s Supermarket, and more

You can also use TechCASH to send gifts to other MIT community members, donate to charitable causes, or pay for online services such as printing or streaming.

How does TechCASH work?

To use TechCASH, you need to have an active MIT ID card and a TechCASH account. Depending on your affiliation with MIT, you may have different types of TechCASH accounts:

  • Students: Every student is assigned a TechCASH Flex account automatically upon enrollment at MIT. This account has no expiration date and no minimum balance requirement. Students can also have a separate Dining Dollars account if they have a meal plan. This account can only be used for food purchases and offers a 5% discount at on-campus locations. Dining Dollars expire at the end of the academic year.
  • Employees: Employees can open a payroll deduction plan for TechCASH. This plan allows employees to use their MIT ID card to make purchases that are deducted from their next paychecks. There is no limit on how much they can spend or how often they can use their plan.
  • Affiliates: Affiliates (including spouses and partners of students and employees) can open a TechCASH Express account on their MIT ID cards. This account is similar to the student Flex account but can only be funded by credit card deposit.

To add funds to your TechCASH account, you can use the GET portal, which is an online platform that allows you to manage your account, view your balance and transaction history, set up alerts and notifications, and more. You can also use the GET app on your mobile device for the same functions.

To make purchases with your TechCASH account, you just need to swipe or tap your MIT ID card at the point of sale terminal at participating locations. The amount will be deducted from your account instantly and you will receive a receipt or confirmation.

What are the benefits of TechCASH?

TechCASH offers many benefits for the MIT community, such as:

  • Convenience: You don’t need to carry cash or cards with you when you have TechCASH. You can use your MIT ID card for all your needs on and off campus.
  • Security: You don’t need to worry about losing or misplacing your money or cards when you have TechCASH. Your MIT ID card is protected by a PIN code and your TechCASH account is encrypted and monitored by MIT. You can also report lost or stolen cards online or by phone and freeze your account immediately.
  • Savings: You can save money when you use TechCASH. You can enjoy discounts and promotions at various locations that accept TechCASH. You can also avoid fees or surcharges that may apply when using other forms of payment.
  • Rewards: You can earn rewards when you use TechCASH. You can participate in loyalty programs and contests that offer prizes and incentives for using TechCASH. You can also support local businesses and community organizations that partner with TechCASH.


TechCASH is a smart way to pay on campus that offers convenience, security, savings, and rewards for the MIT community. It is easy to use and manage with your MIT ID card and the GET portal or app. It is accepted at various locations on and off campus that cater to your needs and preferences.

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